If you’ve ever eaten a beautiful antipasti platter in a restaurant, piled high with juicy green Sicilian olives and delicately shaved prosciutto, chances are you’ve tried Ghiotti without even realising it.

After six years of supplying New Zealand’s best restaurants with authentic Italian delicacies, our team at European Foods had an idea: to make our quality Italian produce affordable and available ‘around the corner’ in local supermarkets.

In August 2012 the Ghiotti brand was born, bringing authentic European dining and sharing experiences to everyday New Zealanders in their own homes.

It has always been important to us that our brand conveys the indisputable authenticity of our product, from the cobbled streets of our packaging to the rustic iron framework of the logo, and of course the indulgent ‘Ghiotti’ name itself which, roughly translated, represents the generous, food-loving Italian spirit that is in our blood. L’Autentico Prosciutto and Salame Milano were the first products in the Ghiotti family, and were, as we insisted, freshly sliced in NZ to deliver a truly genuine taste experience. The Italian staple Parmigiano Reggiano was soon to follow. Our family of products continues to grow as we fill our ideal Italian table with sliced meats, cheeses, olives, passata, pasta, and Cheese Bites 

It has been eight years since we sought to share our beautiful food with New Zealand, and Ghiotti is now a familiar name here, and soon to be around the world. We remain as passionate as ever about delivering indulgence, authenticity and good taste to the tables of our customers

With Italy in our DNA our mission is to bring the very best authentic Italian food to New Zealand.

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