One day in 1986, the Italian food columnist Carlo Petrini passed by the door of a fast food restaurant at the Piazza di Spagna.

He saw many students sitting on the ground eating the junk food of hamburger with relish, so he later advocated the Slow Food Movement to slow the pace of city life. It is exactly because of this revolutionary advocacy and ideology, those open-air restaurants on Italian streets are as crowded as before. People spend hours sitting, slowly chewing food, tasting coffee red wine, which is exceedingly fascinating.

But if you think Slow Food is just about enjoying food slowing, or you think it is just a special way for rich people to eat gelato, then you are totally wrong.

Slow Food is not only about slowing down the fast living pace due to globalization, but it’s more about going back to the origin of

life. Start slowing down from the selection of food ingredients to eat the simplest things and enjoy the beauty and goodness of every detail to feel life attentively. 

In this era when the concept of “time management” becomes popular, it is a luxury to forget about time. People should spend some time on selecting carefully the seasonal food ingredients and learning more about what goes into their stomachs. Take yourself as a gourmet and comprehend the true meaning of Slow Food and life.